24/7 Dining with a Naked View

Cafe Risque is a unique American diner. From hand cut steaks to “Tits n’ Grits”, food is awesomely served Au-Natural!


The crew is of vast diversity. C’mon in for a laid-back eating establishment. You might even have some extra fun! 🙂

We serve breakfast, lunch & dinner 24/7.

Take out available – Click Here

Cafe Crew

There are over 70 performers that can grace the many stages or play rooms.

Stop by & discover some erotic pleasures or just fun cuddling!


We try to satisfy all, even in the food department! If you have special requests or allergies, Please let us know. We will try to accommodate or let you know if not possible. Thanks for asking! 🙂

Food & Fun

This is a Naked Diner

Plan on coming with an appetite and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. There is NO ALCOHOL. The ladies are performing naked and then there are private rooms, shows and even Showers (although ladies cannot shower with you).

We cater to CDL holders and serve a splendid array of American Style Food. There is a pool table & other fun games too! The ladies enjoy some playful competition or adding to your bodylicious cheering squad!

Asher’s Specials

Daily we have Asher’s Risque Special for Breakfast or if you like in a bowl.

But Some Times he’ll surprise us with some of his other creations.

Check out our Board to see what desserts of the day to other Non-Menu options are available.


We do like to offer Cafe Risque merchandise. It varies from shirts, shorts, booty shorts, toys, magazines, DVD’s, sensual supplements to Lubricants.

Maybe something will tantalize you… or enhance your cafe experience you are already involved in. Curiosity teases the cat at the Cafe Risque! 😉